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Welcome to our website!!
Thank you for being part of our clan FANTOZ!
If you didn't join yet what are you waiting for??
If you are almost maxed TH8+ join FANTOZ but no worries if you are not, that's why we have another clan FANTOZ 2 our feeder clan where we are going to help you grow and send you to FANTOZ when you are ready!!
FANTOZ is a new international clan in clash of clans, we are always going in clan wars and our current war stats are 6W/3L/0D (stats from Sunday, 19th August 2018).
Our leader DannyT and all other members are very active and will always help.
We have some basic rules and if you don't want to follow them then you can leave this site.
Rules are:
1. No fighting with other members
2. Respect clanmates
3. If you go to war then attack both times
4. HAVE FUN!!!
Here you can find some tactics for any type of attack; war, trophy push or just farm it's up to you and we are here to help you.
We decided to make something like competition in the clan to motivate member to be better. We are going to count war stars from every war and announce those with the best score and they might be rewarded. We are going to announce player of the month and we want all members to vote(VOTES WILL BE COUNTED AND YOU CAN'T VOTE MORE THAN ONCE) once weekly for one member(it can be the member, elder, co-leader or leader) and at the end of the month the person who gets most of the votes will be rewarded!!
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